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Handmade Teddy Bear Seniya

Teddy bears are amazing, aren't they? 🥰 I've always had a soft spot for them. Take home one of our beautifully crafted teddy bears! Absolutely the softest teddy bear you've ever seen! Bearing many hugs and adventures.

Highland Cow Wearing Flowers "Hamish"-purely handmade

💖The perfect gift this season! It will be your perfect companion! A highland cow with flowers, the flowers on its head tell us that it is a thinking cow and is our good friend forever!

🧸Handmade Plush Baby Bear "Honey"

🧸Many people have a teddy bear in their childhood, or a beloved doll like a teddy bear to accompany us growing up. 🥰Bears are not just toys, but also people's lifelong companion, each bear is a lifelike little life.

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Our attention to detail and selection of the best materials sets our plush toys apart from the competition. When you purchase one of our plush toys, you can expect a high level of craftsmanship and the well-known cuddly attitude of our plush toys. Rigorous safety testing ensures that our products are safe companions for all plush toy lovers 24 months and older.